Christopher Andrews brings extensive experience with environmentally and culturally sustainable methods to the design process, to make places that celebrate the critical juncture between architectural and urban space, articulate and advocate for environmental and social concerns, and help preserve, enhance and create beautiful neighborhoods and buildings on all levels of scale. He is a licensed architect in the State of California. He serves on Oakland's Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board, and teaches in the Architecture and Community Design Program at the University of San Francisco.


Andrews+Chang provides a full range of urban design, landscape design and architectural design services, from site specific projects and area plans, park, streetscape and garden design, to individual building design. Their interdisciplinary approach lends itself to being able to work at a variety of scales and challenges,  in collaboration with clients and other professionals to produce work that is appropriate and effective in its design intent and execution.  Christopher Andrews and Catherine Chang each bring more than 25 years of experience to their practice. They have assisted private and public clients in sustainable forms of urban development. Working on projects local to the Bay Area as well as nationally and internationally, they bring socially and progressive ideas as well as technical efficiency to their work. The practice also volunteers their design services for international and local non-profit clients in need.

Catherine Chang brings a deep understanding of architectural and landscape design to projects, to create a sense of place, address environmental and social concerns, and cultivate pedestrian scale and community vibrancy.  Catherine is currently a faculty member of the Department of Art and Architecture at University of San Francisco and an instructor for University of California Berkeley Extension, Interior Design and Landscape Architecture Certificate Programs.  She was a partner at the urban design firm Catalyst, and a project manager at Calthorpe Associates.





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