Village Center Perspective & Drainage & Vegetation Plan

Channahon Village Center

In the Winter of 1997 the village of Channahon Illinois sponsored an international competition for the design of a new village center on a hundred acre parcel of land, including a  new church, a civic and shopping area, and a residential district.  Christopher Andrews won an honorable mention award for his ecologically focused vision which came out of a reading of the local landscape patterns and typologies, and restores and integrate the site’s natural ecological pattern of medium to low elevation Oak/Hickory forest.

The main component of this network, the generous tree lined streets, form the fundamental structure of the project.  This network is built up over time, corresponding with the stages of site development.  The Village Green is the heart of the urban structure.  It connects Central Park to the I & M Canal.  Along with the tree lined streets branching off of it, the mid-block automobile parking courts, smaller neighborhood greens, and the shared residential backyard swales this system provides for both storm water detention and groundwater recharge.